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The countries with the greatest expenses on foreign tourism
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 09:05

The countries with the greatest expenses on foreign tourism4/4/2013

Expenses of inhabitants of China on foreign trips in 2012 reached a record point of 102 billion dollars that made China the market number one for world tourism from the point of view of expenditure.

Other emerging markets, as well as the majority of the traditional tourist markets, also raised the sums of wastes last year. “In 2012 in the world, and in particular in Eurozone, the unstable economic situation constantly remained.

" nevertheless the international tourism managed not to go off-course”, - the Secretary general of the World tourist organization of Taleb Rifai noted. - “The sector showed the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and, though more moderate rates, as expected, will continue grow in 2013. Tourism is one of pillars of development which the governments as a part of the solution of a problem of stimulation of economic growth” around the world should support, - he added.

For the last decades and today China was and remains the most fast-growing market of tourism in the world. Thanks to a fast urbanization, growth of the income of the population and weakening of restrictions on foreign trips, quantity of the international trips of the Chinese tourists grew from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012.

Since 2000 expenses of the Chinese tourists abroad also increased almost in eight times. In 2005 on level of expenses in the world tourist market China took the 7th place, passing forward Italy, France and Great Britain.

In 2012 having taken the first position, China shifted Germany and the USA (both countries approached the expenses to the sum of 84 billion dollars) from a pedestal of the former leaders.

Emerging economies got to the first twenty. So Russia took the 5th place with 43 billion dollars. From the 29th place in 2005 on the 12th place in 2012 with expenses Brazil moved to 22 billion dollars.

Expenses of Australia and Japan in the tourism sphere in 2012 grew by 3 %, Canada – for 7 %. During the same time France and Italy cut down expenses on 6 % and 1 % respectively.

The countries with the greatest expenses on trips abroad